The inspiration for EA 4th’s SS16 collection comes from both nudibranchs and organic architecture.

Nudibranchs are often casually called sea slugs. They are noted for their extraordinary movements and softness. Their organic lines and silhouettes give the feeling of harmony.

Organic architecture also refers to harmony. It connects human habitation and nature through design.


Human habitation in the case of this collection is modern human clothing with silhouettes, appearances, organic lines, movements, softness and harmony from natural creations like nudibranchs.

The colors are in soft pastel such as off white, light mint and soft pink to add extra softness and harmony to the whole collection.

20151129_ea4th16792 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16794 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17011 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17014 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17016 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17275 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17277 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16183 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16188 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16193 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16194 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16084 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16086 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16077 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16066 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th16067 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17308 (kopia)
20151129_ea4th17309 (kopia)